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Complete Grant and Loan Management
Software Solution for Cities and Counties

Built by City Staff for City Staff

CDS provides complete, "Smart" solutions managing all public services, economic development and housing through a cloud-based platform - wherever you are. CARES, CDBG-CV, emergency funds, not a problem! From applications and reporting, to monitoring, inspections, compliance and portfolio management. We are your go to when your work load is off of the charts!


Ready for a cloud-based grant and loan management system?


What Makes Us Unique?

Tailored Systems for Public Services and Housing

We are a boutique company and offer specialized software for grant and loan management; systems designed and tailored to your needs. CDS has the knowledge and proven experience to offer you best practices and efficient solutions. We combine our experience with your specifications and transform them into a customized, software system that fits your requirements perfectly.


Priority Given to Communication and Dedicated Support

CDS offers our clients dedicated support, according to every client's need through a direct communication flow. This means that you'll always be updated with the content and status of your management system and, upon request, you and any of your grantees have access to us most anytime for minor trouble shooting, person to person training or group training. Good communication saves time and makes the development process more efficient. We give you our entire attention and expertise when you need it with full access to our team for collaboration with our developers and trainers.


Every Client is Important

Every client is important to us. We know you have an extremely demanding, complicated job our team helps you by taking care of what you need when you need it.

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